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Draco [userpic]
First official post and community welcome.
by Draco (draconobilis)
at April 4th, 2006 (06:30 am)

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Prior to the creation of this community, I looked long and hard for a regional gaming community in Iowa and came up with nothing even close. Although I doubt there will ever be a giant list of members, I'm hoping that there will be a few of us that can use this community as a tool to get in touch with each other.

There are a few links in the upper corner that might be useful. If you can think of any other helpful links, let me know and I'll add them. This community was created to help players and gms find each other and to discuss the games we enjoy. Feel free to ask and offer advice about characters, army lists, or decks. Right now, I don't mind so much if members post advertisements for other communities as long as they are on topic and don't become a problem.

And so, on with the obligatory introduction:

Name: Draco
Gaming Bio: I've been rping for roughly 20 years. I started out with the d&d boxed sets in the early 80's (I still have them), moved on from there to ad&d (still have all those books too), and expanded into several rpgs after that. I have been dming a 3.5 group for almost 2 years now. I started painting minis in the late 80's and have been doing it on and off since then. I recently started seriously considering warhammer fantasy tabletop gaming, but need to build up an army first. I'd love to hear some advice on warhammer armies before I go out and blow the cash on minis that I'll later wish I hadn't bought.